Hard to believe but true: evado is 10 years old!18-Dez-2012

Hard to believe but true: evado is 10 years old!

We started in december 2002 as a two men team in the city Ennigerloh, where we grew to be a successful engineering company dedicated mostly to software and process consulting. Eager to try new grounds and after observing the maturity that the technology in white LEDs had reached, we decided to expand ourselves and create a branch dedicated to the development of our own LED products. Looking back we have to admit that this new path didn't turn out to be as easy as it seemed and that some challenges were underestimated. Nonetheless, some others were easier to overcome and by hanging on and sticking to our vision we can now say that success has proven us right.

What is our vision?
To design and produce unique lighting products, while keeping our independency. We are proud of still being an independent family business and cherish the freedom to try new ideas and cross boundaries that comes with it.

We look forward to 10 more years filled with many new ideas, innovation, products and enriching experiences like the ones that have made our job so enjoyable until now!
We want to thank
... our customers for their trust,
... our family and friends for their support,
... our suppliers and partners for their professionalism and reliability.

Maik Picker and Jessica Chon Picker

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